We Couldn't Sing is a webcomic created by me, Yubi Shines, first posted in my LJ on July 4th 2006 at 3:36 AM. The website went up the next day after I figured this project just might not be a flop that would have to be quietly put away as if it never existed. Like most webcomics, it's based on some real people and incidents, but for the most part, it just comes from my imagination.

The title itself is from a song by the Canadian band Stars called "soft revolution". It's from their album Set Yourself on Fire.

And if anyone asks, no, Yubi in the comic really isn't based very much on me. Some of the personality, probably, but not much else.

WCS is odd and a bit surreal and where it's going to end, I'm not sure. You're welcome to join me on the ride.


The comic updates weeklyish.


And then what happened...?

Over the first two months of WCS's birth, it enjoyed a nice amount of attention, which spiked when I signed up at OnlineComics. All was well, though the forums (unsurprisingly) stayed dead and smelly.

And then in the wee hours of August the 25th, 2006, I logged on to discover... The website had exceeded its monthly bandwidth.


The archives are now mirrored at comicgenesis. I'm in two minds about moving there entirely, but for now I think we're good.

We Couldn't Sing is hosted on ComicGenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.